Apr 21 2015

Student Feature – Meg Wells

  Meg Wells, a fourth year Visual Media student, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally enrolled in the Advertising Photography program, sophomore year Meg found a love for graphic design that rivaled her passion for photography, so the … Continue reading

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Apr 14 2015

Alumni Feature – Juan Madrid

My name is Juan Madrid and I graduated from the fine art photography program in 2013. I’m currently working on my own photographic projects while working the occasional odd job. Since graduation, I haven’t actively pursued employment in the photographic industry … Continue reading

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Apr 07 2015

Student Feature – Paige Satterly

Bio: ​Paige Satterly is a 4th year visual media student from Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a minor in Business Administration and an emersion in Theatre. She started a photojournalism student and switched into visual media in the middle of her … Continue reading

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Mar 31 2015

Student Feature – Amanda Berlinski

  Bio: Amanda Berlinski, originally from Linden, New Jersey, is a 3rd year Advertising Photography student with an immersion in Women and Gender Studies. She strives to use the photographic image as a thought-provoking medium, and she hopes to translate … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Mar 24 2015

Student Feature – Jordan Roth

Jordan Roth is a third year photojournalism major and has a minor in anthropology/sociology. She spent the summer with Rebuilding Together New York City documenting the stories of people who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy and are just now … Continue reading

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Mar 19 2015

Student Feature – Hailey Cothran

Bio: Hailey Cothran is 3rd year Fine art photography major who’s minoring in Visual Culture from Salem, Oregon. Her desire for making photographs grows from her want and need to inspect reality. Her work is an attempt to represent what’s … Continue reading

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Mar 17 2015

Student Feature – Samantha Chalut

Bio: Samantha Chalut is a fourth year Imaging & Photographic Technology major from Fenton, Michigan. She is Vice President of the Photographic Sciences Club and works at the Imaging Systems Lab & Photo Cage on campus. She has interned for … Continue reading

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Mar 12 2015

Student Feature – Kyra Krenitsky

Bio: Kyra Krenitsky has “spiritual health through self-reflection, reading and writing” as number one on her life priorities list, and she tries her best to live that out each moment. Graduating in Spring 2016, she is currently a third year studying … Continue reading

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Mar 10 2015

Student Feature – Brooke Goldman

Bio: Brooke Goldman is a 3rd year Fine Art Photography major from Delray Beach, Florida. She focuses on creating long-term personal projects that mainly explore the theme of relationships. What was your most challenging assignment as a photography student? All … Continue reading

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Mar 05 2015

What’s new at the cage?

The weather may be freezing outside, but here at the photo cage things are heating up! We have a few new items to try out. We have a new version of the Leica S2 body, type 006. This is an … Continue reading

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