Nov 16 2016

From the Classroom: Capstone Projects of Students in the Photographic Sciences

When RIT converted its degrees to semesters in 2010, the University mandated a few requirements for all programs. To graduate, all students at RIT had to complete several writing classes, both in their program and in general education , perform … Continue reading

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Nov 14 2016

From the Classroom: High Speed Ballistics Photography at RIT

Written By Ted Kinsman Photographic Sciences email Ted This picture records a .22 caliber bullet moving at 1,200 feet per second as it travels through an apple in the classic high-speed picture.  Photograph by Nasser Albahri. The high-speed imaging class, … Continue reading

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Dan Coker takes the bus to work at the Steve T. Hots and Potatoes restaurant in Gates, N.Y. on Oct. 8, 2016. Coker works the night shift, so he sleeps during the day and wakes up in the evening.

Nov 08 2016

RITphoto PJ students collaborate with Rochester PBS station

Submitted by Meredith Davenport For the past month, RIT photojournalism students have been collaborating with the Rochester Public Television and Radio station WXXI to produce stories related to the Station’s coverage of the elections. It has been an enormous effort … Continue reading

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Oct 10 2016

From the Classroom – Nature and Natural Science Photography

RITphoto teaches more than 150 various classes during a normal academic year. These courses include traditional subjects and sometimes highly specialized classes such as e-sensitometry or photomicrography. In the fall one of the special classes is Nature and Natural Science … Continue reading

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Oct 05 2016

RITphoto is Distinctive because of its Faculty

When visitors come to RIT and the the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences they often inquire what differentiates RIT from the ther schools they are visiting. Prospective students visit from all around the globe and sometimes they are very … Continue reading

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Sep 23 2016

Contact Sheet by Frank Cost

A few years ago a triptych arrangement of three photographs of my mother – taken around 1950 – was discovered in a box in the basement of my parents’ home in Syracuse, New York.  The three frames had been printed … Continue reading

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Sep 21 2016

From the Classroom: Updates from Photographic Technology 1

The Photographic Technology class instructor, Nanette Salvaggio shared her thoughts about the first month of this class. We are just finishing the fourth week of the Fall semester and the students are now pretty acclimated to the class expectations. The … Continue reading

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Sep 09 2016

#RITphoto faculty publishes new book

#RITphoto is pleased to help celebrate the book release of Greg Halpern, an associate professor of fine art photography. This book is Greg’s third book and is titled ZZYZX. The book, published by MACK London, United Kingdom contains 128 pages … Continue reading

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Aug 30 2016

RITphoto: Summer Reflections & New Offerings

The parking lots are again full at RIT and classes have begun. Both the RIT Photography Store and the Digital Den stocked their shelves in advance of more than 19,000 students returning to campus last week. We are excited to … Continue reading

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Aug 24 2016

Image Permanence Institute seeks a new director

Executive Director  Image Permanence Institute wanted             The Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director will provide leadership and strategic direction … Continue reading

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