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May 26 2015

Alumni Feature – Meghan Jordan

Hi, I’m Meghan Jordan, a 2013 Fine Art Photography graduate. One of my favorite courses at RIT was History & Aesthetics of Photography, finding myself enamored as we traversed the timeline of photographic history. I realized that, though the majority … Continue reading

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May 19 2015

Student Feature – Amber Kates

Bio:  Amber Kates is a third year Photographic and Imaging Technology student with a specialization in ophthalmic photography and a minor in history. She was born in Philadelphia, and decided to come to RIT for their Biomedical Photographic Communications program … Continue reading

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May 12 2015

Alumni Feature – Lia DiRico

Hey everyone my name is Lia DiRico and I graduated last year from the Biomed Photo program. My life since RIT has been a whirlwind of random events, only some pertaining to photography. As much as I value our program … Continue reading

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May 05 2015

Alumni Feature – Kristi Neilson

Hi! I’m Kristi Neilson, a 2014 Fine art photo graduate from RIT. A few months after I graduated I packed what I could in my car and moved cross-country from CT to sunny LA. Best decision I ever made! Starting … Continue reading

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Apr 28 2015

Student Feature – Tom Brenner

Bio: Tom Brenner is a third year photojournalism student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His mother introduced him to photography when she gave him a disposable camera at the age of five. The gift was not for any special … Continue reading

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Apr 21 2015

Student Feature – Meg Wells

  Meg Wells, a fourth year Visual Media student, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally enrolled in the Advertising Photography program, sophomore year Meg found a love for graphic design that rivaled her passion for photography, so the … Continue reading

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Apr 14 2015

Alumni Feature – Juan Madrid

My name is Juan Madrid and I graduated from the fine art photography program in 2013. I’m currently working on my own photographic projects while working the occasional odd job. Since graduation, I haven’t actively pursued employment in the photographic industry … Continue reading

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Apr 07 2015

Student Feature – Paige Satterly

Bio: ​Paige Satterly is a 4th year visual media student from Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a minor in Business Administration and an emersion in Theatre. She started a photojournalism student and switched into visual media in the middle of her … Continue reading

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Mar 31 2015

Student Feature – Amanda Berlinski

  Bio: Amanda Berlinski, originally from Linden, New Jersey, is a 3rd year Advertising Photography student with an immersion in Women and Gender Studies. She strives to use the photographic image as a thought-provoking medium, and she hopes to translate … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Mar 24 2015

Student Feature – Jordan Roth

Jordan Roth is a third year photojournalism major and has a minor in anthropology/sociology. She spent the summer with Rebuilding Together New York City documenting the stories of people who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy and are just now … Continue reading

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