The #RITphoto blog was created to share stories, photography, and to feature students, faculty, alumni and staff from our global community. For more than 100 years, the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences has been inventing the future of photographic education. Our wide array of nationally ranked programs in the arts and sciences expose students to the ever-changing fields of advertising, biomedical photographic communications, fine art, imaging and photographic technology, photojournalism, and visual media. The School also offers a nationally ranked graduate program in photography and imaging arts. With cutting-edge facilities and access to a vast inventory of the newest equipment, students have the ability to design their own distinctive approach to photography and imaging in an immersive and supportive learning environment. Working alongside faculty professionals and mentors, students receive life lessons about the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges of being a professional in these exciting times. Internships, coops and networking also create important opportunities for our students that open doors for rewarding careers for our students. Because of long-established ties to the world of the arts, sciences and industry, RIT is singled out among schools for cultivating students into photo professionals and leaders in their chosen field of photography

Prof. Therese Mulligan, Chair
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences

Prof. Michael Peres, Associate Chair
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Michael and Therese