Academic Advisors

Side by side with faculty, academic advisors help our students succeed! From the first day students pass through our doors until they walk across the stage at commencement, our advisors are there assisting students as they navigate the School’s curriculum and college life. Our academic advisors are without peer. They are simply the best at the work they do because of the time and care they put into each student’s progress. So here’s to our academic advisors: (from left) Emily Koelle, a new arrival in our School¬†who will be advising fine art photo and visual media students as well as those in the Bachelor of Science programs (Biomedical Photographic Communications and Imaging and Photo Tech); Kristie Gross advises MFA photo graduate students, photojournalism and advertising students; and, Kris DePalma, who will be leaving SPAS to join the College’s Art Department as an advisor. A big shout-out to all three of our academic advisors, old and new, for all you do for SPAS, its faculty and students.

Academic advisors