It is now the beginning of the third week of our fall semester, something new for us as we used to be on the quarter system.  We may now have a longer period for classes to run, but that is not causing the student body to slow down any, our facilities are busy as ever right out of the gate.

We are still busy inputting new loaner gear from one of our greatest vendors, Nikon, who is gracious enough to loan us new gear each school year.  We also will be holding an event this week, Wednesday & Thursday September 11th and 12th, on the Phase One Capture One software, by one of our very own alum, Dave Gallagher from Capture Integration.  Capture Integration is one of the largest Phase One dealers in the country, and learning how to use this system is critical for the upcoming professional.

Our hallways are already bursting from the creative atmosphere that is permeating from the classrooms and studios and digital labs.  I have always enjoyed walking down our 4th floor hallway, this is where we have 30 studios, and when the doors are open you can see an amazing diversity of creative thinking from one studio to another and here they are right next door to each other.

If you ever feel like you are not connected to the photo field, stop by our facilities and you will be immediately immersed.