We asked some of our alumni about why they made the decision to attend the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT and what they’re doing since graduation. Here’s what Josh Lehrer shared with us:

I’ve always been a camera geek since I was in grade school. I knew I wanted to go to RIT from my early high school years, so getting accepted early admission was a dream come true. My four years at RIT were some of the best years of my life, they made me who I am today. I was able to hone my photographic skills and discover my true passion for photography and networking with people within the industry. Now, I work for one of the largest Leica resellers in the world, handling amazing and rare photographic equipment on a daily basis and working with legendary photographers and fantastic clients of all walks of life. The skills I learned at RIT, not just from the amazing professors but from spending time in the labs and at the equipment cage, allowed me to quickly become highly proficient at my job, as our company as grown I have grown with it. I made lifelong friends at RIT, and go back just about every year to speak to students, meet new people, and catch up with my friends amongst the faculty.



Josh graduated RIT in 2009 with a degree in professional photographic illustration. After graduating, he moved back to New Jersey where he worked freelance for clients like Sports Illustrated, Peter Turnley, Adorama, Broncolor, and others. In March 2010 Josh moved to south Florida to work for Dale Photo & Digital, one of the largest Leica dealers in the United States. They opened Leica Store Miami in early 2013 and he now splits his time between our two locations. His job consists of marketing, selling, and supporting a wide variety of current and vintage Leica equipment to clients all over the world.