Saturday May 7, 2016, RIT produced its 9th Imagine RIT festival. This festival began in 2008 at the suggestion of RIT president William Destler. It has been a wonderful addition to RIT and the entire campus is one big open house. Both students and faculty alike showcase their work during this 8 hour extravaganza.


#RITphoto was very busy at the festival. The students and faculty produced 10 exhibits. Shared above is a photograph of Dr Destler making his opening remarks Saturday May 7th at 10am. The above photograph was made by Emily Hunt , a PJ student under the supervision of Josh Meltzer  photographed the entire festival, and in real time published their work. Below is one of the PJ students capturing video of the one of the displays produced by RITphoto.

PJ -Students
More of the the PJ students photographs can be viewed by following this

Shared below are the various exhibits and some of the participants. The Infrared exhibit photographed more than 400 people


Dr Steve Viggiano and his students produced a 3D experience for their display

Ted Kinsman showcased his Coffee Ink jet printer which went viral this semester


Josh Thorson and his 4D class produced animated GIF portraits


Clay Patrick McBride’s Production photography class created portraits all day and the results were nothing short of spectacular. Look at the joy on the faces of the partipants.


Clay_boothA Clay_booth

Bob Rose and some photographic sciences students made portraits of visitors using a Sony camera that can photograph basically in the dark.

For the ninth consecutive year, students from the photographic sciences deparment had a display and made 3d portraits as well as a number of other demonstrations. In 2013, they received the best of Imagine festival prize and this year’s display was equally impressive


Photo House was also on display with a fun exhibit going back in time


Frank Cost’s Visual Media innovation class shared the spring semester’s projects in the Gannett lobby.