We were bowled over with the response to our Facebook post  of the picture of the C-Series darkrooms and the area’s upcoming renovation into usable space for the graduate students. This change is tied to the SPAS Gallery’s renovation and need for a space to prepare exhibitions for display, packaging and related activities. Within less than 24 hours, the post had over 4900 views, 25 shares and 51 comments. Alumni and current student responses prompted a lot of fond memories for us here in SPAS and within our Facebook community. We would love to keep the conversation going on Facebook or here on this new SPAS blog! Michael Peres has uploaded some images showing our shared analog past that might spark some further memories. Please feel free to send along your darkroom memories, pictures, or stories.

A little bit about the changes afoot in SPAS: The current renovation to third floor spaces is the result of taking underused, or unused spaces and giving them new purposes. The C-Series darkrooms will be refurbished into much needed studio spaces for our graduate students, as well as a new prep area for the SPAS Gallery. The Gallery is also going through renovation–its first in thirty-plus years. Now the Gallery will be able to host internal and external exhibitions that contain the newest of display technologies in an aesthetic environment. We look forward to reintroducing these renovated spaces to you in the new fall semester. So keep watch here for more news and pictures. SPAS will continue to maintain analog photography activities in our curriculum and darkrooms. F-Series continues to provide a venue for black and white photo and RA-4 processing. Graduate darkrooms are still in use on the second floor of Gannett Hall, along with the large format darkroom and a space dedicated to historical processes.

If interested, you can watch a short video produced to showcase our film photography classes and spaces featuring Prof Willie Osterman








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