From Michael Peres, Associate Administrative Chair for the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences:

This morning the SPAS gallery began the process of renovation. I have been here since 1986 and it has been a long-time goal of the School to create a more workable space. I do not know too much about the Gallery’s early life, but it has served an important role for the School since I arrived. There have been many gallery directors in my time and each with the vision to modernize the space. I would imagine the space has looked pretty much the same since its creation in 1969. Pictured below, the gallery was used as a staging place for the set-up of more than 150 enlargers when the School opened as well as a critique space as shown in this 1971 photograph (shared from the RIT Archives and Special Collections). The Gallery was already an established space in 1986 and had a formal schedule. So many wonderful artists and photographers have been through the Gallery. Currently, the School hosts MFA exhibitions, the Annual SPAS honors show as well as hosting a number of visiting artists each year. We are looking forward to seeing the Gallery be improved and more posts will follow. This fall there is no Gallery Schedule for the current academic year because the renovation schedule has not been finalized.

More to follow in the future!


The SPAS Gallery used as critique space in 1971



Picture of the SPAS Gallery during a Student Honors Show


School of Photograph#E5C32C

The SPAS gallery was used as a staging place for the set-up of more than 150 enlargers



Current demolition of the SPAS Gallery