From Kari Horowicz, Librarian for the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences







Hi! I’m Kari Horowicz, the librarian/liaison for the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. I’m here to help you with your creative and intellectual work here at RIT. The RIT Libraries (Wallace Library, RIT Archives and Cary Collection) has tremendous resources to assist you in creativity and discovery. As the librarian for CIAS, I help students one-on-one and by teaching classes on how to use the numerous resources we have, along with purchasing the materials (books, journals, and databases) that will stimulate your discovery and learning.
Discovery is a huge part of my vocabulary. I’m always trying to discover something new every day and I hope you do too! RIT Libraries can help with that goal. I work with a great community of folks in the library and we have lots to share with you. So, over the coming months, on this blog, we will feature highlights on what we do and the rich collections that we hope will inspire you.

Speaking of inspiring, I want to share something that makes my heart sing – it is called Book Share. Book Share is something that one photography faculty member came up with to get students in the library stacks looking at our photography book collection. Students are asked to go in the stacks and find a photography book on a photographer that interests them. The students check the books out and then the group discusses in class the books and why the photographer is of interest to them.  This summer I was invited by the summer transfer photo class to join them. I was excited to join this amazing and fun part of class. I discovered many new photographers I didn’t know about (even though I bought the books!). It was an incredible gift and the summer photo transfer class invited me to their final critique. I so enjoy seeing what RIT students are doing – another part of the discovery process!

I’m gearing up to speak to incoming Photo Arts classes this week and I’m excited to show them our new library website, along with our newly renovated first floor. Check out new photos on our Facebook page.

Two things I emphasize when talking to the new Photo Arts classes is the importance of discovery and that students have a voice in how the library grows.  RIT students can make request for books, journals or databases. I have had several students respond to this and we build the collection together. Your voice is important and I hope to see you soon.

Look for this fun vehicle somewhere on campus soon! It is our Tiger Book Mobile – bringing library resources to you!


Kari Horowicz received her B.A. in Art History at the University of Rochester and her M.L.S. from Columbia University. Kari joined RIT Libraries more than 12 years ago as the Library Liaison to the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. She enjoys working with the RIT community, especially the students. She hopes to inspire everyone with the wonderful collections and resources the library has to offer. She is also an avid advocate for literacy efforts around the Rochester area.