At RIT, summer is a time of cleaning, reorganizing and getting ready for fall. It is a quiet time but there is anticipation of what is to come. This past Tuesday many students and professors arrived back on campus after many months of being away. Empty parking lots are now full and the hallways of the Gannett building are full of conversation and young people. SPAS is a rich and diverse community. That being said, students come from all over the world to be members of the community. The freshmen class is RIT’s largest ever. Tuesday the faculty met for the first time this year and we laid out plans for the upcoming academic year. Wednesday the students and parents arrived for the freshmen orientation. There is an excitement in the air for what is possible and new. Exciting times lie ahead.

Below is the annual SPAS portrait. The School has a large and active faculty. There is expertise in almost everything photographic. To take a more in depth look at our personnel, please take a look here.


Faculty portrait 2013 2014