The RIT experience is immersive and diverse. Students enroll in photography classes right from the beginning of their education in year one and in the first semester. It is an applied education that provides a wide range of general education experiences. RIT offered its first photography class in 1902.


The entering first year class of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences


The 2014 faculty portrait. Photograph by Seth Abel

The faculty of the School is large and diverse. They are all active in their specializations. Some are artists, some are technologists, some are conservationists, and a few are historians. The School teaches aerial drone photography and fine art photography. Because of this rich diversity that blends art, science, application, and humanities/science,  students find their way into all kinds of careers after graduation. We believe no where else could a student have such a diverse education with the caliber of this world renown faculty that consists of a 4x Pulitzer Prize winner, 2 Fulbright recipients, a Guggenheim recipient, a former member of the White House press core as well as many other noteworthy overachievers.

These are but a few of the job titles recent graduates hold:

Advertising photographer

Aerial & drone photographer

Architectural photographer


Art Buyer

Art Director

Assistant Curator


Audiovisual communications expert

Biological photographer

Catalog photographer

Commercial photographer

Visual Communications photographer

Corporate photographer

Creative Director

Curator of Exhibits

Dance photographer

Dental photographer

Digital Imaging Specialist

Digital Tech

Documentary photographer

E Commerce Photographer

Equipment sales

Exhibition Preparer

Fashion photographer

Fine art photographer

Food photographer

Forensic photographer

Freelance photographer


Gallery Manager

Gallery Owner

High-speed photographer

Image analysis

Imaging science

Industrial photographer

Landscape photographer

Manufacturer’s Representative

Medical photographer

Military photographer

Multimedia producer

Nature photographer

Narrative, documentary and editorial Photographer

Ophthalmic photographer

Panoramic photographer

Photographer’s Agent

Photographer’s assistant


Photography Blogger

Photo Editor

Photographic educator

Photographic Historian

Photo retoucher

Photo Researcher

Photographic Sales Representative

Photographic scientist

Photointerpretation specialist



Picture editor

Portrait photographer


Professional photographer

Project Manager

Research photographer

Reproduction [fine art and conservation] photographer

Restoration photographer

School photographer

Scientific photographer

Social Media Specialist

Sports photographer

Stock photographer

Studio Art Assistant

Studio Manager

Surveillance photographer

Technical photographer

Theatrical photographer

Travel photographer

Underwater photographer

Video editor

Video effects compositor

Video and image designer for theater

Visual Journalist

Wedding photographer

Yearbook photographer