I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to be able to love my work, and work at what I love, photography. It may sound trite, but I always knew photography was exactly what I wanted to pursue. As a kid I worshiped my sister and her 35mm camera. At the time I was not allowed to touch it. For my 16th birthday, my parents bought me my own Canon and I was in love.

My studio is located near the water at the Brooklyn Navy Yard complex in Brooklyn, New York. While primarily shooting still life during the working day of jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing which can be fulfilling in its own right, I am lucky to have the freedom to work on personal projects as well. That helps ‘juice’ my creativity. One of my current personal projects involves shooting the ghosts of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  I  love  discovering visual moments of the new commercial growth.

I  believe my education at RIT  helped shape my career as a photographer. RIT is where I developed my own creative processess and where my professional network first started to grow and flourish. The RIT photography community allows students to easily connect with faculty for mentoring.  And as those mentors then become friends, their influences and support lasts long after graduation.

The industry has changed significantly over the years with the impact of digital technology and the Internet. In order to succeed, a photographer must be able to evolve, embracing the beauty and power of the new technologies. I have found that the impact of social media has enhanced my creativity and has played an important role in helping to document my visual diary, capturing the world around me on the fly. In sharing these moments I am able to now bring others along on my journey of discovery. It has even developed into a new business opportunity “I Heart Light” which allows my Instagram followers to purchase prints of my moments.

The magic of making pictures is still present in me. Being a photographer is not only fulfilling, it feeds my many curiosities and passions. Choosing this path has given me my own outlet for freedom, fun and creativity. Little did my parents know when they bought me my camera, they changed the course of my life.

Amy Fronczkiewicz is a professional photographer and the owner of a commercial photography studio in Brooklyn, New York. She studied photography and received her B.F.A. at Rochester Institute of Technology. Currently she specializes primarily in still life photography working with numerous high profile brands including: J.Crew, Victoria’s Secret and The Jones Group, Inc. When not at the studio, Amy enjoys traveling, spending time with family and exploring many diverse and eclectic experiences that NYC has to offer. You can see her work and she can be contacted through her website,

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