Bio: Sam Wallander is an aspiring fashion photographer. He is  a junior and enrolled in the advertising major. His life goal is to one day become a photographer for Vogue Magazine. He has already been featured in The Fashionisto, Communication Arts and has worked with IMG, Wilhelmina, Red, Adams and Uno Models.

What was your most challenging assignment as a photography student?
[S.W.]The most challenging assignments for me have been still life assignments. I’ve always found them difficult to complete because my main desire to shoot women in narrative. Another challenging experience is accepting failure in projects you work hard on. I’ve needed to be extremely critical in order to grow and that sometimes is really difficult to accept in series I’ve become attached to.

What do you love about the school?
[S.W.] I love the people that are in this school for they have made my time here so much better. I think the support of growing with other artists has significantly changed my ability to produce a higher level of artwork.

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