Bio: Casey is a third year Advertising Photography student and will be graduating in May of 2016. He was born and raised on a horse farm in the small historical town of Waterloo, New York. Knowing that photography is solely the reaction of light, his work takes a heavy hand in technique of lighting. Throughout the years of experience RIT that has offered him, he is working on growing and perfecting his skills in the field of conceptual Advertising Photography.





What was your most challenging assignment as a photography student?

When I think back on my assignments as a student and decipher which was the most challenging, I find myself drawn to the first assignment of this past year in Advertising Photography I. The assignment was simple enough, a still life on a white background with the parameters of having different lighting for each image. The assignment was not the hardest challenge though – it was my mindset. During this past summer I had doubts that my work wouldn’t be “up to par” with the previous third year or fourth year students’ work that had been produced. While comparing my work to that of others, I felt that the professionalism and skills of other students far exceeded my own and fear sort of set in. I had to decide to push myself harder than I had ever pushed myself before, even if the assignment was just a simple still life. Immersing myself in work this past year, though, has grown my photographic skills tremendously and now the confidence in my work and professionalism is very much so up to par with the other professionals that are my peers. Having your own mind as a challenge can and will happen, you just have to dive into your fears to succeed.
























What do you love about RIT?

What I love most about RIT is the absolute accessibility that I have to the realm of photography. Being able to use equipment and studios and processing labs that one could only dream of so young into the field of photography is amazing. Not only the accessibility to equipment but the accessibility to real, first hand knowledge and experience of photographers that are currently in the industry of photography. Having professors that can have their brains picked about the field and have them prepare me for what is ahead gives me great comfort and this would have only been possible at RIT.




















































































More of Casey Alexander Franklin’s work can be found at: www.caseyafranklin.com