WIldwings_83042-1394163 - Zgoda, Teresa - Zgoda_BarnOwl

RITphoto teaches more than 150 various classes during a normal academic year. These courses include traditional subjects and sometimes highly specialized classes such as e-sensitometry or photomicrography. In the fall one of the special classes is Nature and Natural Science Photography taught by Don Cochran. This class explores the natural world using an eye towards environmental issues. At the end of September, the class took a field trip to visit Wild Wings.

Wild Wings is a not-for-profit educational organization that houses and cares for permanently injured birds of prey which are no longer able to survive on their own in the wild. Wild Wings houses and cares for 29 permanently injured and non-releasable birds of prey. The Wild Wings mission is to teach environmental stewardship to its visitors using programs that feature their resident raptors as teaching partners. Wild Wings travels to schools, scout meetings, and many other corporate and private events.

Below is shared some of the photographs the students made of the birds. The students whose work is shared are: Teresa Zgoda, Alessandra Suchodolski, Katherine Snyder, Courtney Kuc.
83323-1394163 - Snyder, Katherine - Snyder_NP_SawWhet2 88336-1394163 - Suchodolski, Alessandra - Suchodolski_HarrisHawk 88336-1394163 - Suchodolski, Alessandra - Suchodolski_WesternScreechOwl CourtneyKuc_Wildlife (1 of 3)WIldwings_83042-1394163A - Zgoda, Teresa - Zgoda_BarnOwlCourtneyKuc_Wildlife (2 of 3) CourtneyKuc_Wildlife (3 of 3)