Saturday May 6, students, faculty and staff from across the entire campus participated in the 10th annual Imagine RIT festival. While the weather was less than ideal, the University reported more than 20,000 people visited the campus. Started in 2008 by then new incoming president William Destler, the Imagine festival has grown in scope and stature on the campus and has become a much anticipated event for the greater Rochester community-at-large. The event is a University open house showcasing RIT’s academic programs and student innovation.

Each year, the number of RITphoto activities has increased during this time. Shared below are the titles and a few snapshots of most of the School’s displays that were organized and staffed by our photographic community at large. What an amazing day to watch the enthusiasm and pride shared by RITphoto professors and students with visitors during the day long event. You might be interested to learn, students from the photojournalism major have been covering the event since its inception in 2008 and photographed this year, they again photographed the event from start to end. Their work can be seen by following this link.  Thank you Laurie O’Brien for designing the School’s checklist.

The Production Photography Team and their installation
Led the Clay Patrick McBride, the event photographed hundreds of people during the day.

Image Nation team
Beginning in 2008, RIT Photojournalism students have photographed the Imagine RIT festival to gain personal the experiences covering a large scale events with multiple deadlines during the day. This year’s student team was advised by Jenn Poggi.

The Photographic Sciences
Students and faculty from one of the University’s most unique programs, students led by Christye Sisson and Bob Rose shared their skills and knowledge. Geoffrey Sasaki after the Festival boasted of having his Gmail acct halted after sending out more than 500 iris images.

Reilly Hague and Meghan Connor shared the interactive virtual DSLR camera tutorial

Justin Gerard  discusses his imaging system built into a plane that was conceived to fly over crops and assess plant maturation and stress from the air.

Abigail Miller shared her work with an idea entitled Optical Buddy.

Bob Rose and his crew

Bob Rose and his crew of photographed hundreds of visitors using thermal cameras

Professor Frank Cost and his Innovation Class were actively sharing some of their unique explorations including side printing

Nick Franco, Kirsten Martin and Madison Zic showed off their Facebook 360 camera. To our knowledge only two of these cameras exist at this time

Josh Thorson created an exhibit entitled Re-Imaging the Future, which collected narratives from visitors discussing the future.