Summer is a busy time at RIT  by Michael Peres
It hardly seems possible that graduation was three weeks ago. We were just celebrating the class of 2017 and wishing the seniors good-bye. It is such a joyous time of year but shortly thereafter, summer activities began, which means getting ready for the fall semester. RITphoto is excited to share that almost 100 new students will be joining the School in the fall 2017. That is the largest entering class since 2007. We have worked so very hard to re-establish School as the preeminent place to study photography in the world.

You can can tell its summer on the campus because there are numerous parking places. RIT has grown into such a big place. When I started teaching at RIT in August 1986, there were approximately 12,000 students. RIT is expecting more than 19,000 students to be enrolled across the campus working on PhD, MS, MFA, BFA and BS degrees August 2017.

Beginning in March, RIT began construction on the Magic Center.  This complex will house activities that explore gaming and animation. This building will transform the north side of the campus. It will be an amazing addition and will have profound affects on the Frank E. Gannett Building while serving as a new entrance. Shared below are a few snapshots of the construction site, which is a beehive of activity every day.

The Gannett building is getting a new loading dock as part of the project. A view of the Magic Center footprint can be seen from the 3rd floor Gallery windows located in the Gannett Building.

In addition to the changes on the north of the building, the rest of Gannett is being outfitted with new windows in areas on all four floors as well as removing windows on the second floor offices. With the Magic Center sharing a common wall, these offices were upgraded with new HVAC, ceilings and walls. It has been very noisy and disruptive start to summer but this process has allowed many faculty the chance to clean up and select their future office arrangements which for some will mean moving.

The William Harris Gallery and Northlight studio all got new windows

Academic life still goes on during the summer along with these other projects. The summer transfer program – an ongoing School tradition – is in full swing and so are the Photo Technology, Elements of Fine Art and Ad: XL classes Students are also conducting research for DARPA and working at the Cage. Eric Kunsman, an alum, a full-time faculty member at NTID and owner of Booksmart Studio is teaching a workshop exploring Color Managed Digital Imaging Workflows as well. As the summer progresses, I will share more. One thing to expect, more change at RIT. We have a new president and a search for a new Dean for the College. Students also work at the Cage and evaluate inventory and test gear. It’s all part of Summer at RITphoto