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Grants & Scholarships
Each April, #RITphoto  identifies full time BFA, BS, and MFA students to receive awards and scholarships recognizing their photography.  The RIT Undergraduate office also offers incoming new students grants and scholarships. The Undergraduate Admissions Office and the Scholarship Selection Committee  automatically reviews student applications for merit-based scholarships and to see a list of what RIT offers as scholarships clink this link for incoming students.

Within the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, a committee of faculty comprised of all of the School’s disciplines reviews student portfolios. After reviewing both the photographs and personal statements from the entrants, winners are selected. More than ten awards and scholarships are granted each year, assisting students to successfully achieve an academic degree.

Alumni, individuals and industry partners who know and appreciate the immense value of a photo-based education at RIT have helped over the years to establish the following awards and scholarships.  #RITphoto faculty and staff are grateful for the generous support of our donors. Awards and scholarships make a huge difference in the life of our School and students.

The 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Kodak Professional Imaging Scholarship
Meghan Seegler & Rebecca Tomasello

Image by M. Seegler

Owen  Butler Scholarship
Rebeca Posadas-Nava & Morgan Simonson

RIT Bill Reedy Memorial Scholarship
Traci Westott

Image by Traci Westott

Jack Renfro Memorial Scholarship
Geoffrey Sasaki

Carter Harmon Memorial Scholarship
Ian Longton

Photo by Ian Longton

William A. Reedy Endowed Scholarship
Yiyun (Evan) Chen

Photo by Yiyun (Evan) Chen

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Max Maisel Memorial Scholarship
Brett Starr

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences Scholarship
Michael DiCola

Photo by Mike DeCola