Bio: Trevor Raab is a 4th year Fine Art photography student from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, who has a minor in visual culture.






What was your most challenging photographic experience on the RIT Photography class trip to Cuba?

The most challenging thing was allowing myself to feel comfortable photographing in a place where I couldn’t easily explain myself. To my surprise I got over that quickly and photographing just felt natural.


What did you love about the trip?

I think I speak for everyone here but the best part was Jesús. Jokes aside the opportunity to travel with some of my closet friends and do what we love was probably the best thing about the trip. I really couldn’t have asked for a better trip: from the group of students to the people we met in Cuba, it all really made for a fantastic time. Being able to disconnect from everything you are used to, while naturally connecting with the people around you was also surprisingly nice.


Did the trip change the way you view photography or your own work?

I wouldn’t say it changed the way I view photography but it definitely gave me a fresh perspective or a kind of breath of fresh air. Being in a foreign place where all you need to do is make work is quite refreshing as a photographer, in my opinion. If anything it inspired me to just shoot more no matter where I am.


Why do you love RIT?

I love RIT because of how easy it is to engage with professors and peers. The environment here is incredibly conducive to learning and producing work. I also love RIT because of how many great talented people are in one place at any given time — I find that incredibly inspiring.






To view more of Trevor’s work, visit http://trevorraab.com/