Bio: Samantha Chalut is a fourth year Imaging & Photographic Technology major from Fenton, Michigan. She is Vice President of the Photographic Sciences Club and works at the Imaging Systems Lab & Photo Cage on campus. She has interned for Canon U.S.A., Inc. and Nikon Instruments Inc. and has made the Dean’s List from 2011 through 2015. Samantha is also the recipient of the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award representing CIAS for 2015.


What was your most challenging assignment as a photography student?

As an Imaging & Photographic Technology student my core classes push me to understand the methodology of imaging at a technical level. Moving to this understand was a challenge, but of course paid off by making me a more universal image creator and developer. In this way the photo tech classes give you an understanding of imaging that spans the artistic and compositional values to its engineering applications. This knowledge was never gained from purely lecturing but being pushed to critically think through problems such as accurate color management or implementing steps of the imaging chain through physically programming them.


What do you love about the school?

The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences in particular does a good job providing for a tight knit community of students and faculty alike, sharing ideas and work. Specifically, I have had an extremely positive experience in the Photographic Sciences group where the faculty actively supports its students and the students develop positive relationships in and out of the classroom. I personally have grown as a person and academically from the great friendships I have developed with other students in the Photo Sciences and will continue to sustain them after graduation.




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