Bio: Hailey Cothran is 3rd year Fine art photography major who’s minoring in Visual Culture from Salem, Oregon. Her desire for making photographs grows from her want and need to inspect reality. Her work is an attempt to represent what’s going on in her head, and the idea of where she thinks she fits into this reality. Outside of photography, Hailey enjoys cooking and Netflix.

What has been your most challenging assignment?

The first thing that comes to my mind is an assignment I had pretty early into freshman year. The assignment was to photograph a dozen strangers, which was pretty frightening to me at the time. It taught me to not be afraid of approaching people if I want to photograph them, and that most people are willing to be photographed if you explain the situation and ask nicely.


What do you love most about the school?

Not only does RIT have an expansive range of students and professors in the photo school, but RIT in itself also features a variety of students who you can learn from. The students and professors in the photo school give you the encouragement and push you need to get the results that you want in the end.




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